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Weaver Class Quest Item Reference:. Just use the above as a quick reference if completing multiple Weaver class quests at once. The 50 to 60 ones are in that specific section of the guide. In this guide I will try to recommend the best levequest for each type. I suppose you can also use them on crafting classes which are lagging behind for one reason or the other. It greatly speeds up the process, but you get a little less EXP. The idea is to get, complete, get, complete in a circle to maximize the EXP of your travel time. Just take the Aethernet to Steps of Nald gate and walk a bit outwards.

Doing this cycle yields the chunkiest EXP with the only downside of a little travel time. Other vendors sell one or the other only. Suck up the travel time and do it. Or the best single : Damn, Straw Hat needs 3 pieces of straw and a shard. Cheap, easy recipe level, no hassles… this is the go-to single this tier.

Is the formatting for the Shadowbringers section of Weaver a complete mess for anyone else? Doing some updates on the back-end, so things might seem a little messed up for a bit. It should resolve very soon. Good guides as always. The only suggestion I would throw out there for folks when they first hit 70 is to use the level 70 scrip gear to start off. The gear is cheap enough and the custom deliveries will provide all of the scrips you could need for purchasing the gear.

The stats are quite as good as the crafted gear listed in the guide, but close enough for a cheaper alternative imho. This is correct!

I recommend the left-side and weapon if you can afford it. Hallu, thanks for the guide on Weaver. I just hit 55 on my Weaver and got the biggest value collectable. Ramie Cloth, which is easy af to craft. Basically as easy to collect as Birch Syrup for Culinarian. So yeah, there IS a good weaver collectable unexpectedly. Do not recommend : i just made 20 only to discover that the triple now only gives 5Kish exp where the singles give around K. One thing that can salvage weaver is doing the Moogle beast tribe quests daily, they give roughly a half a level worth of exp at level 52 when you do all 3 plus it unlocks that beast tribe vendor.

It makes the rotation smoother, I know, is too short, but 3 is too long, 2. I mean I think I see why you use it and if its because you get more out of it then waste not II then ignore my question haha. Also on your melds, I see cheap meld 1 and cheap meld 2. Since latest patch.

Courier quests are by far the faster And cheaper way of leveling now. Read info below. For example, Level 45 courier quests would take you from Uldah to St. Just used this 1st part of the guide in patch 2. Dunno about earlier posters, but I just finished craft logs and even did the first two crafts in the log, all while using the GC Engineering Scroll, and making sure to go for as much HQ as I can on each and every craft… and it got me halfway through level Something is definitely up with the guide. Fleece only costs 41 gill each on my server now about the same amount as the flax I bought when I was still leveling weaving a few months ago , thanks to overfarming and bots, so I guess weaving just became easier on my server, at least.

Yes, fleece and diremite webs price have dropped since this writing! Is it a permanent thing?

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Something due to bots offloading for housing gil? In the tier, I would say that the single turn in for Linen Cowl is cheaper than the triple Linen Tights. Sure the cowl is 4 cloth, but 3 Tights is 6 cloth. Also factor in that the Cowl is 40kish exps, vs. Because if you turn in HQ items that triple could give you k -ish XP for one leve.

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For the amount of XP you can get that is the better choice. Your email address will not be published. How to use this guide!?

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Each listed tier has some self-explanatory sections such as: Next class quest Item required. Relevant Weaver levequest locations. WVR Levequests items discussion tier specific. This changes every tier. From [H] to [L]. From [L] to [H]. Everything seems back to normal. Nice one, and keep up the great work! Appears that the Weaver Leves list at the top of the page points to armorsmith list.

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I have a couple of newbish questions and hopefully someone can answer them for me :D 1. I mean I think I see why you use it and if its because you get more out of it then waste not II then ignore my question haha 2. Thanks for an awesome site and great guides :D. Aye, Felt for the Fallen is definitely what I recommend as well. Nothing wrong. Or if you want something colourful and fun, but a little more balanced, you might try a Triadic Colour Scheme.

This picks colours at regular intervals around the colour wheel for a combination that is interesting and varied. Take a look at this little chart for a visual representation of each colour scheme. Here are just a few examples:.

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Red — passion, intensity, excitement and energy Orange — enthusiasm, creativity and fun Yellow — warmth, happiness, positivity and concentration enhancing Green — peace, harmony, nature and freedom Blue — tranquility, honesty and relaxation Purple — luxury, power, pride and mystery. Saturation refers to the intensity of the colour. Highly saturated colours appear strong and punchy, whereas a de-saturated colour will look more subdued.

Some can appear almost grey! A de-saturated colour scheme will generally be easier on the eye and create a more refined statement. If you can understand saturation, you can see how an intense, saturated colour can still be very light or very dark, depending on its value.

The Equipment:

Another way to think about it is to imagine the colour with black added or taken away, or if a strong intense colour was put in the shade. It would still be that same strong, intense colour. It would just look darker! Hue is simply another word for colour. The hue is the basic true colour imagine a colour of the rainbow before it is altered to become a shade, tint or tone…. Tints are basically pastel colours, and will tend to look more soothing and feminine.

If we remember that saturation refers to how intense a colour appears, then we can understand a tone to be simply a more or less intense version of a colour. De-saturated more grey-looking tones will make your colouring page look subtle and sophisticated.