Aguafuertes porteñas (Spanish Edition)

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By using the site you agree to our privacy settings. After this fool , there is another man on Saturday, the sad man , the man grieves me deeply every time I see him.

I've seen him numerous times, and he has always given me the same painful impression. I was walking down a sidewalk one Saturady, under the shade , by Calle Alsina - the most dismal street of Buenos Aires, when at the opposite sidewalk, along the path of the sun , I saw a hunchback employee , walking slowly , carrying a three year old child.

The creature exhibited her innocence with one of those little hats with cintajos , already deplorable without being old. A freshly pressed pink dress. Some shoes for the holidays.

Editions of Aguafuertes porteñas by Roberto Arlt

The girl walked slowly , and the father, even more slowly. The man walked slowly. In him I saw the product of working twenty years by the sentry box, of fourteen hours a day and with starving wages , twenty years of deprivation, of stupid sacrifices and holy terror being fired and left unemployed in the street.

Saw him at Santana, the character of Roberto Mariani. And in the city centre , during Saturday afternoon is horrible.

Desde el sur: Roberto Arlt, "Aguafuertes porteñas" - Canal Encuentro

When business es are exhibited with hideous nakedness. The metal shutters have aggressive rigidness.

Aguafuertes porteñas (Spanish Edition)

Basements of importing houses vomit the stink of tar, benzol and overseas items. Stores stink of rubber.

The hardware stores by paint. The sky seems so blue, which is illuminating an inconspicuous factory in Africa. Taverns for stockbrokers remain empty and dismal. A gatekeeper playing mus with floor cleaners by the edge of a table. Guys procreated by the spontaneous generation from the moss - house benches , appearing at the door of " employee entrance" of the cash deposits.

Aguafuertes Porteñas (Spanish Edition)

And has experienced the terror, the awful horror of thinking that at the same hour in many countries people are forced to do nothing, but are willing to work or die. After that, I found an inexperienced one. The violent servilism and the inexorable cruelty of men will never be beaten. People would show more gratitude for this last one. Man, in general, provokes me repugnance, and I have —as the only virtue- not to believe in my possible literary value for more than five minutes a day. Among women, the ones whom I am interested in are the dishonest ones, the virgins; and among the despicable union, the honest men.

And it is really far from reality.