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A Conversation With Author Dr. Wesley Britton

Two decades later the Bourne novels were adapted into a series of popular films starring Matt Damon. The novels are still going strong with the most recent novel " Power and Empire " appearing at the end of In , Ian McEwan brings us " The Innocent " set during the Cold War in s Berlin, which delves into the surveillance tactics employed by both the British and American governments to spy on the Russians.

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It's a long running 16 novels as of and popular spy thriller series that's still active today. Wells is an undercover operative who attempts to resolve complex political and terrorist threats. The latest book in the series is " The Deceivers ," which was published earlier in After all, the stories are typically action-packed, involve intricately plotted storylines and revolve around incredibly interesting characters. It should be noted that this brief history of spy novels barely scratches the surface of the ever popular genre. It leaves out quite a bit - including a number of women spies and spy novelists look for that topic in future blog posts.

For fans of classic TV shows and parodies - you can't go wrong with "Get Smart. If you like snarky dialogue, hilarious antics and memorable catch phrases - you'll love this show! Fast forward to the s and we see the emergence of shows like " Alias ," " Homeland " and the short-lived show " Spy. Boyd is a single dad who inadvertently joins MI5 and of course hilarity ensues. Recently, the television show " The Americans " emerged on the popular FX network with critics hailing it as one of the best shows on television.

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It stars Keri Russell, most well known for the popular television series " Felicity " With so many great spy novels, TV shows and movies it's easy to see that the spy genre will never go out of style. Spy Story: Narrative Genre - Brittanica. Spy Fiction for Children and Teens. Tell us what you've enjoyed reading, watching or listening to, and our librarians will give you personalized recommendations.

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Mission Engage all of our communities, inspire lifelong learning and provide universal access to a broad range of information, ideas and entertainment. The Emergence of the Spy Novel Novels featuring espionage or spies emerged in the nineteenth century with " The Spy " published in by James Fenimore Cooper, which was based on the exploits of Harvey Birch, an American secret agent. Read These Classic Spy Novels James Bond and George Smiley You simply cannot discuss spy novels without at least mentioning the infamous James Bond who first appeared in the novel " Casino Royale " by Ian Fleming, who by the way was also a former naval intelligence officer.

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Search The Blog Search. Get Blog Updates Sign up for email notifications about fresh content. Email Address. Well, I admit having read them all and remember none of them. Benson not only had that constraint, but also had the directive to make the books more like the movies. To be honest, I liked the [John] Gardner and [Raymond] Benson film novelizations better, especially Tomorrow Never Dies , as we got the added interest in seeing how the authors could develop the scripts into longer and more multi-dimensional stories.

The best spy fiction stands up on its own merits. Well, it all began when I looked over my office and realized I had a shelf of books on TV spy shows, but no one had written a book exploring the genre as a whole. Then I began researching the shows of the s going back to After that, I decided to try my hand at writing a book that worked with the same thematic flow blending what had transpired in both spy literature and the cinema from the beginning of the 20th century to the present.

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This was a seriously pleasurable project as I had to track down often rare books and DVDs and explore how espionage popped up in unexpected places, such as the Zorro books and films. Once again, I discovered how trends and popular tastes shifted and changed over time, sometimes with an emphasis on Spy-Fi trappings, sometimes very historical efforts, sometimes realistic uses of espionage to delve into the human condition, sometimes pure thrills and chills.

Then, I realized I had much more to say about spy movies. I enjoyed exploring the World War II era as well which had some better-than-average stories along with the obvious propaganda productions. That was a title I felt was a tad hyperbolic, to put it mildly. Finally, I looked back over these three tomes and knew each had one big problem. They were all published by Praeger Publishers, and that company priced their books for libraries, not the average reader.

For one thing, I had many corrections to make. For another, online research opportunities had opened up greatly since SPY TV, so I was able to find many more resources than I had before. New series had aired, I learned about many British and Canadian series I had missed the first time around, and, well, as always there are tons of footnotes to demonstrate all the new research.

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She started introducing me by saying,. Other items were posted at sites like CommanderBond. Interesting theories on Per Fine Ounce! I also discussed Hunter-Killer in detail in my piece: yes, I think it is perfectly possible that novel was in some part aimed at Glidrose and perhaps EON, too. I learned from the exercise on what not to do with my second book.

Interview with Dr. Wesley Britton: Teacher, Author & Bond Scholar | Artistic Licence Renewed

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