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Cristal is a prestige vintage Champagne by family-owned Louis Roederer. While slightly less golden-colored than Cristal and more simple on the palate, the style is just as rich! Perrier Jouet tastes of pear and a touch of creaminess.

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Prosecco has come a long way from being a headache-giving sweet wine. This Valdobbiadene Prosecco hints at sweetness while maintaining a clean, dry flavor. The process of making both Krug and Salon is a serious time investment.

Aging Champagne imparts more tertiary aromas of croissants and frangipane. There is a special sparkling wine region found in Trentino-Alto Adige turning out incredible sparkling wines. Ferrari is the most famous producer here who ages their wines for extended periods, but there are many more worth investigating!

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Below, find a few of our very favorite bottles that are sure to please every palate. Celebrate like a royal with this champagne, which was the official bubbly of Harry and Meghan's wedding as well as William and Kate's it's also said to have been the top pick of Winston Churchill. This fruit-forward champagne boasts notes of berries and citrus, with just enough minerality to keep it crisp. This French favorite is finally becoming readily available in the US, and we're all the luckier for it.

With a forward palette that's rich with citrus and pear accented by undertones of toasted nuts and buttery pastry, this full, mature bottle will be a hit with true champagne lovers. The bright acidity and red fruit zip of this bottle is offset by flavors of toasted nuts and baked bread thanks to the brand's mix of pinot noir and pinot meunier varietals in nearly equal portions.

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Pair it with a classic roast chicken to take your dinner party to a whole new level, or serve with dollops of fresh whipped cream and sliced stone fruit for an effortlessly decadent final course. If you're going to go for vintage the only type of wines that renowned champagne house Dom Perignon produces don't skimp. For racing fans, this eye-catching bubbly—a longtime partner with the Kentucky Derby—is just the ticket.

The palette keeps things fresh with a healthy dose of citrus and juicy stonefruit, balanced out by a rich, toasty hit of fresh baked bread—the perfect champagne for sipping all day long. This bright, zesty champagne with notes of apricot, baked bread, and red fruit really wakes up the palate, making it a perfect sip to start a meal or to refresh the palate between the main course and dessert.

After all, what says "celebration" more than a champagne course? The fine mousse contributes to a juicy quality that makes it a good pairing for party noshing. With a higher proportion of chardonnay than your typical non-vintage champagne, this bottle provides a fresh, crisp palate of citrus and mineral notes that would be the perfect compliment to fresh seafood—because nothing says "party" like champagne and oysters.

As the delicate blooms on its label suggest, this bottle strikes a delicate nose of white florals that give way to a more vivacious palate marked by lemon, apricot, honey, and butter.

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If that sounds like a decadent dessert, then take that as a cue and serve it alongside one—you won't miss the coffee service at all. Type keyword s to search.

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