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It did not take long to read this fun story of the three McDougal sisters. Scheming and conniving they finally meet their match. But at times I just enjoy reading a slightly unbelievable book for the sake of getting lost in the story and what could happen. I enjoyed this book and am hoping Lori is planning several sequels as my curiosity about the McDougal sisters has been peaked. Image Gallery. Download Cover. Register Perfectbound.

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Quantity: eBook available at your favorite eRetailer. Editorial Reviews "Copeland creates a wonderful story that is rich in imagery and characters that will have readers laughing out loud. Amelia and the Captain Lori Copeland Book: 3. Write A Review Thank you for your review!

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It has been submitted and will be reviewed for approval. What are you interested in? After waking from the coma brought on by her house exploding, she tells her doctors what she saw — a man with black wings dancing in the fire. Angels and demons. Heaven and Hell. Just before her eighteenth birthday, the only person left in Kira's life — her grandmother, the Oracle — falls ill, and once again, her life is rocked off its axis. When a fat cat, a Nephilim, and a handful of Guardians come to her rescue, Nikira learns who she really is and what powers the Creator has bestowed upon her — the Seeker.

Rhennan Ward is no one special. Or so she thought. When her grandmother gives her a Tree of Life pendant for her eighteenth birthday, she finds out how very different she really is. Her parents are keeping secrets from her, and that only adds to the stress she feels about her sanity. This is a simple spiritual principle - written in red I might point out. I am sorry that you were caught up for so many years, it sounds, in such a state. I was caught up there myself, living with the idea I could 'give to get' myself out of my mess.

I gave, often from manipulation or compulsion, only to be out the dollars when I needed them the most. This went on for quite some time until I finally was set free from the attachments of the things and moved on to a more mature walk. God was so very good to see me through. We were so poor, but now I am blessed to be a blessing, so to speak. I tithe and then some - He always meets our needs. I have read most of the comments below and am quit staggered at some of the comments made by 'christians'. I have been a partner with KCM for a number of years now and hand on heart I have never questioned if this 'ministry' is a charlatan or not.

I have witnessed God moving not only in my life but others as well through the teaching of the copelands. What seems to be twisted in all the comments is people quoting scriptures to back their arguments but having no relevant revelation to that scripture!! For example one person quoted Jesus did not have money?

Why did Kings visit him with gifts? Why not shepherds,and low and behold a king brought what Now if a king brings gold to a new 'king of the Jews' do you think he just brought a 'tip'!! He set Jesus's family up for life!! Jesus coat at calvary, the soldiers wouldnt tear it up, why! Why did Jesus have Judas Iscariot as his, wait for it.. Money Keeper!! Also if you want to blame someone, why dont you blame God..

He created the earth for man! And guess where all the resources of wealth today come from So if God didnt want man to 'prosper' why is there Gold, Oil, Diamonds etc in the soil?? Also did God ever come down on Abraham, Issac Solomon and all the others who had exceeding wealth??

Media is a money consuming monster. As Paul quoted ''How will the people believe unless they hear the message,how will they hear the message unless someone is sent'' Instead of bad mouthing people who have dedicated their lives to winning millions of people to God be it if they are corrupt or not? Why dont we ask ourselves..

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Well how many people have i won to God?? Religion is the belief that one is saved cause of the church a person attends. Christianity to the belief in Jesus giving us salvation. Religion has no place in the Body of Christ. Please ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the ways of Christ.

You are not on the right path whether the gospel ministries are or they are not. I used to be a right wing, conservative, holy roller but left all of that because of folks like these. Yeah, they really are pimps. I truly think Jesus is ashamed of the pimps and whores who sell His name over our airwaves, cables, and video screens.

You see, this is the reason why I'm finding it harder and harder everyday to call myself a Christian. People like this spoil it for all of us. Makes me sick.

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Don't walk away from Christianity becomes of the pimps. Walk away from the pimps. You're not crazy and their likely not Christians. Melvin www. Hey Melvin you've got a cool website! I was in the Word Of Faith over 20 years. I left it in and have never looked back.

You're right the Copelands,Hinns,etc are heretics!

Neuheiten, Bestseller, Bildung

So is their damnable "WOF" doctrine. Keep up the good work! Melvin I forgot to ask you to look up Troy Edwards Sr. He has a site that defends word of faith. Think it's called "Victory Through The Word?

Check it out. First of all you would never here jesus call anyone a pimp. No I donot think that they are doing good receiving the money that they do, giving out false profices. The bible dose tell us that money is the root if all evil, there is nothing wrong with money, or having it,but I can say there is so many people out there that kenneth could be helping instead of buying planes.

I would love nothing more but to see him give his heart to jesus, because god's true christans donot do things like this. What is most important is this type of "divulging" of these "ministers" allows others to see their aceptance and association of the mentiond, "ministers" Don't you get it? When the Senate finds the indiscretions, then the Senate is the arm of Satan bringing persecution to the ministry of the gospel. Proof positive of their validity and an opportunity to raise more funds! Who's making money? Why not give it away? What did Jesus say about casting the first stone?

I think there is no difference here than with the Pharisees and Sadducees. We are all sinners, and we all exploit others in our pursuit of worldly wealth, comfort and happiness. Pray about your own log before you attempt to remove someone elses. Ok, about casting the first stone. She didn't go back to being a prostitute and Jesus knew she wouldn't. Jesus overturned the tables in the Temple, he admonished and rebuked the Pharisee's. Wake up! If you have a child and need a babysitter, would you let that child stay with a neighbor that was accused of raping a child?

It is not okay for these pimps to rob the poor, widows and orphans. So get a grip Wittenburg Door isn't promising you riches for giving a third of your salary to them. Grow up. These scum-bags excuse the language have used our Saviour to build an empire on earth for themselves, and what is sick, is that the devil has them believing they are right.

I will pray for the poor people who have been sucked into their honey trap.

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Kenneth Copeland and his wife Gloria are two of this world's biggest frauds and assholes. They both should burn in hell.