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I believe talking to other women and keeping your options open will be the best case scenario for you. It seems as though she is slightly taking advantage of these situations I would build on the mystery a bit and let her come to you. Good luck! Best, Apollonia.

Apollonia, I appreciate your articles and videos. They offer insight into the daily grind of getting things started with relationships. So, I tried to put into place the techniques and mindsets you talk about.


I met a girl this past weekend and the whole time we were talking I was displaying confidence and being funny to which I even got her phone number. I waited a few days to call and ask her to join me for drinks and she said she would have to check her schedule.

Should I call or text her? Hi Apolonia, Im This girl approached me when we first met in highschool, its almost 3yrs we know each other. I had started working and schooling, was very busy but we had magical dates. She would pratically do anything i asked i was crazy and was very submissive. Out of the blue, She begun not showing up on dates.

I mostly remained centered for her behaviour was actually getting funny like she was my gf. She didnt show. Basically always texting informing me about her daily. I gave brief indifferent answers. But then coming Sept. She called me in Oct. It pissed her off that I didnt bother to call back just text. When she called and my line was busy shed assume automatically that im talking to another girl so ive ignored her.

At the end of the call she acted again like she was the victim, forgetting how she misbehaved in the past. Till now. Very rarely post on social media but when I do shed be the first to like. Advice please.

She Gets Her Man

I like this girl very much. We even had a sexual relation for which i give her some gifts.

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But i am not sure if she really loves me or just my money. But she is good and gentle to me. She also doesnt text me too often. Just maybe once a week. I know she is busy with work and have her friends circle. I want to figure out what feelings she has for me. Or is it just my money that she likes. Hello Ritz, Thank you for reading my blog about how to make a girl think about you non-stop.

How long have you been dating? I think the best thing to do in this situation is pull back a bit. See if she will initiate and reciprocate with you. Good day Apolonia Thank you for this wonderful piece. I learned a lot from videos and this time on your blog. That is one of the reason im here watching your Videos and reading your Blogs. Hello Kim, The biggest problem is your waiting for her.

Instead, you need to do things for you.

What To Text A Girl

Start getting busy! What you are doing is killing the attraction in order to build attraction you must pull away and also do things that interest you. Until this day i struggle to follow your suggestion Apollonia, Attracting her again kinda hard for me and im afraid to pull back a bit, im afraid to lose her, i cant fake to be busy, i hope i can do it, attracting her.

Hi Kim, Thanks for reading my blog about how to make a girl think about you non-stop! Investing in things that you want to try and do new things. This is how you will attract her. You might be putting too much energy on someone will not make them want to be with you. Hello Apollonia Ponti You have got a great sence of knowing girls… I Fall in love with an girl since 3 years but we never get the time to express ourself clearly,after somedays we both got engaged on talking with each other on mobile phone but by some reasons her mom got everything known.

After that day I stoped texting and calling her and I left that collage,after one and a half years later she contacted me we both shared our feelings again we were in true love but again her mom came in middle and she warned me to stay away from her daughter or she will tell the cops I was stunned and we stopped again;I love her alot plz help me I wanna marry her Please help!!! Hello Law, Thank you for reading this blog about how to make a girl think about you non-stop.

I know right now is difficult but I would encourage you to give her space and not push her so much on marriage as this will not attract her back to you. When you stop calling and texting you may get results. Hope this helps! Great piece of writing friend. I have met the girl of my dreams. I have a question; can she really be into me? I am afraid to make a move what if I have been assuming it this whole time? Could you help me by sharing some advice? I do need it at this point.

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Hello Robert, Thanks for your comment. It seems to me that she is into you. Something like what are you looking for, or where do you see yourself in the next two years. Slowly hold her hand here and there and see how she reciprocates. Best of luck! Hello Miguel, Have you tried just to initiate some outings with her? Lunch, dinner etc? Casually just be with eachother flirt and see where it goes. Hello Apollonia.