How to Train your Cane Corso Dog to be Good

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On The Power of Vulnerability, Dr.

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Training a cane corso puppy

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Cane Corso's Training Tips

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Her attention to detail, her literary background, and her performance in the feature film version of the novel provide the perfect foundation from which to convey the story of Elizabeth Bennet, her four sisters, and the inimitable Mr. Eleanor Oliphant has learned how to survive - but not how to live. Basic obedience is a must, as is proper socialization with people, animals, and especially other dogs at a young age, as Cane Corsos are able to cause some serious damage if not channeled appropriately. But there are commands that you can utilize to prevent any stranger from considering your house or property as a potential target for theft.

Tips on How to Train a Cane Corso

Before doing anything else, consult a veterinarian or behaviorist to determine whether or not your Cane Corso has the appropriate health and temperament to be considered for guard training. Not every breed is capable of the work involved, and not every member of a specific breed has the ability to distinguish between a threatening individual and a safe one.

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  • After gaining approval, be sure that every member of the family is on board, as training must be consistent to be effective. Determine what sort of reward most motivates your Cane Corso, whether it be food or toys, and utilize that throughout training. Ensure that you have a strong leash on hand and an appropriately fit collar so that you can maintain control of your dog at all times during training. Read up on appropriate breed handling and what you can expect as you move forward in fashioning your Corso into a guard dog.

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      Dog Boarding. Book in. The Alert Method. Introduction Many families with an affinity for dogs as companions, may at some point consider inviting a dog into their lives for the purpose of protection. Defining Tasks When considering a guard dog, you need to determine whether or not your environment truly requires one. Getting Started Before doing anything else, consult a veterinarian or behaviorist to determine whether or not your Cane Corso has the appropriate health and temperament to be considered for guard training.

      Most dogs will bark at the sight of a stranger or something unfamiliar.