Kids in the Biz: A Hollywood Handbook for Parents

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The academics are top-notch, but so are the sports: Jarron and Jason Collins, who both went on to the NBA, once competed in a dunk contest with schoolmate Jason Segel. Three to four applicants compete for every spot, and if your kid gets in, say parents and consultants, expect up to four hours of homework a night the school says up to two and a half and stress and anxiety among some students. Hollywood connections are only going to get you so far: Your little one has to hit the 99th percentile with a score of or above on an approved psychologist-administered IQ test.

Mirman, which schools students, also provides specialists in robotics and choral music, among other areas. New Roads broke ground by creating Spectrum, a school within a school for kids on the autism spectrum.

When they say the school is centered on compassion, social justice, environmental sanity and a student body reflective of our diverse society, they mean it. Instead, the school has poured energy into building an award-winning sustainable campus.

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But in most other ways, the Richard Neutra-designed campus, nestled amid old-growth redwoods, is antithetical to Hollywood. UCLA academics love it, leading one Hollywood mom to joke that the intellectualism might leave entertainment folks feeling lonely. With no admissions interview, applications are stripped of any opportunity to peddle influence. Endowments from the likes of Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, Matt and Deborah Caplan Groening and the Dern family support nearly 4 percent of the operating budget.

Westland parents are a devoted bunch. Last year, 27 percent of families received flexible tuition, reducing cost by roughly half, with nearly a quarter of the students being children of color.

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The outdoors is a big part of the school ethos, and Westland kids can work in the organic edible community garden or collect eggs from the chicken coop. Parental involvement is required. Parents, who say the food is excellent, with a restaurant-quality kitchen, are on rotation for making hot, home-cooked meals for events. Multi-age classrooms are the norm; graduates have gone on to every top private middle and high school in L. Wildwood is constantly searching for best practices, even if it might be unpopular. Although low-key compared to some of the other L.

Founded in , Windward combines a challenging college-prep program with a nurturing vibe. The 9. Considered the pound Hollywood gorilla of L.

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The school offers a developmental curriculum — emphasis is placed on play; a nurturing, inclusive environment; and student readiness — that gets increasingly challenging over time. But perhaps the biggest names are Beyonce and Jay Z, whose daughter attends. Queen Bey performed at the gala, which was held at L. Next up, the school is undergoing construction to add classrooms and sports facilities by Today, 10 percent of students are DHH and use hearing devices to optimize success both in and out of the classroom. Detailed thought, over decades, has been put in.

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