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The First Circle. Translated from the Russian by Thomas P. Stanford, William Bedell. Second edition.

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Blackwell; New York: Barnes and Noble. Originally published in Stefanini, Ruggero. Symonds, John Addington. An Introduction to the Study of Dante. Tedder, James D. Tigerstedt, E. Torrens, James Sullivan, S. Eliot and the Contribution of Dante towards a Poetics of Sensibility. Doctoral dissertation, University of Michigan, Toynbee, Paget.

A certain number of new articles have been added, comprising the names of persons and places mentioned in the tenzone, or poetical correspondence, between Dante and Forese Donati. Dante Alighieri, His Life and Works. Revised by Charles S.

e-book Cè sempre un raggio di sole (Gli emersi poesia) (Italian Edition)

Oxford: At the Clarendon Press, This standard reference work has been thoroughly revised from the original edition of Oxford: Clarendon Press. Added features are a general bibliography and maps of Italy, Tuscany, and Florence. Triolo, Alfred A. XI, 22 and 82, as coextensive, he closely examines the background in Aristotle, St. Thomas, and others. Rejecting its association with violence Circle 7 , Professor Triolo identifies bestial malice with the last, or ninth, circle, where it is manifested as excessive malice and supported in turn by the very imagery of excess.

Delineating in the Inferno a gradation of bestiality and of the virtues violated, the author points out an inverse gradation in the animal-form of the guardians as human bestiality increases. Incontinence, II. Violence—Circle 7, and III. Fraud simple and complex—Circles 8 and 9 , the author submits a new tripartite division of Inferno: I.

Incontinence—above Styx—guardians are animals; II.

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Malicious violence and simple fraud—Circles 7 and 8—guardians have human head and animal body; and III. Bestial malice fraud complex, treachery —Circle 9—guardians have human form. The Ugolino episode, for example, is read as Aristotelian tragedy and construed to reflect excessive punishment viz. The idea of excess, moreover, is borne out by the imagery, behavior, geography, and demography of the infernal pit. Valesio, Paolo. Vergani, Gian Angelo. III, No.

Brief historical sketch of Dante studies in the United States, citing particularly the work of more recent scholars. Wentersdorf, Karl P. Dantis Alagherii Epistolae. Edited by Paget Toynbee and Colin Hardie. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Reviewed by:. Bilingual edition. Edited by Terence Tiller.

Translated by H. Bahner, Wemer. Berlin: Akademie Verlag, Aldo D. Baron, Hans. Revised one-volume edition, with an epilogue.

Journal of Italian Translation Vol. XII, No. 2, Fall | Luigi Bonaffini -

Princeton, NJ. Includes important references to Dante. Guido A. Perspectives on the Divine Comedy. New Brunswick, N. Branca, Vittore, and Ettore Caccia , eds.

Dante nel mondo. Firenze: Olschki, Buck, August. Der Einfluss des Platonismus auf die volkssprachliche Literatur im florentiner Quattrocento. Caretti, Lanfranco. By members of the Oxford Dante Society. Thomas G. Ceva, Bianca. Chandler, S. Bernard , and J. Molinaro , eds.

Maurino , in Forum Italicum, II , ;. Clements, Robert J. American Critical Essays on the Divine Comedy. Cunningham, Gilbert F. De Sua, William, and Gino Rizzo, eds. Fisher, John H. Heathcote, Johanna H. Torringa, and R. Ideen und Formen.

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Herausgegeben von Fritz Schalk. Lawlor, John, ed. Evanston, Ill. Leo, Ulrich. Lewis, C. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Collected by Walter Hooper.

Lionel J. Edited by F. Whitehead, A. Diverres, and F. Contains a Dantean piece: E. Medieval Secular Literature: Four Essays.

Edited by William Matthews. Contains a Dantean essay: Phillip W. Patricia M. Melzi, Robert C. Poggioli, Renato. Cambridge, Mass. Contains his essay on Paolo and Francesca.