Media Relations and Creative Marketing Tips for Financial Professionals

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In reality, the opposite is true. As you go narrow, you will get more business. Would you get a Honda from a car salesman who drives a Toyota? No way. You need to be completely sold on your service. You might feel reluctant to put yourself out there — to make those calls, to send those flyers, etc.

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At some deep level, you might be afraid of rejection or want to remain humble and modest. All of a sudden it becomes your duty to take massive action and get your face in front of as many prospects as possible. Almost every financial firm says that they provide customized, high-quality service.

Yes, you might put a client in more bonds if he wants to be conservative, but can you really connect with them on a deeper level?

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Doing this requires that you understand the motivations of high net worth individuals. Just involve key family members and remember family occasions. Show them how important your own family is to you, emphasize experience in working with families… you get the idea. Imagine being the idiot using complicated jargon with these folks! All you need to do with these clients is simplifying concepts and provide support.

What does money do for you?

How involved do you like to be in the investing process? Once you figure out their true motivation, you cater your approach to them.

Make a note of their special day in your client relationship management software and send out birthday cards. This guy celebrated everything from Christmas to Groundhog Day. Clients viewed Joe not just as a salesman, but as a member of their family. Imagine the type of influence he had! It evokes a sense of loyalty — a loyalty that pays dividends several times over. Make sure you're sending birthday cards to your clients! It saddens me that not many people send these out anymore.

Sending thank-you notes is one of the best financial advisor marketing ideas that has been proven to work. These are so simple, yet so powerful. When was the last time a service professional sent you a thank-you letter? You can keep it short and sweet. I appreciate your choice and will do my best to serve you.

Even a post-it note on top of their paperwork will do it. Handwritten notes also go a long way in getting your clients to give you referrals. This is one of the best low-cost, high-reward strategies when it comes to marketing for financial planners. I believe every financial advisor and financial planner should make this part of their overall marketing strategy.

Change your thinking about complaints, because a customer complaint is like a diamond in the rough. You need to get your clients to complain! Resolve the situation quickly and thank the client for bringing their concern to you. You know that dentists are reading the thing — why not plaster your face in front of them? These trade publications are constantly looking for fresh content. Send an email to the editor or call them cold and say you would like to contribute an article about how dentists can better manage their finances.

Contact us to schedule a 30-minute introductory call.

Be sure to make it specific to dentists! Pitch the editors several ideas, have them choose one that they think will provide the most value and then get to work. The reason I tell you to pitch several ideas is not just for convenience. You need to pitch more than one idea so that it increases the likelihood of the editors choosing one. It will be much harder for them to reject you past this point. If you call them and pitch them one topic only, they could just straight up turn you down. Local clubs and organizations are constantly looking for speakers to come to visit their groups.

If you are cold-calling CFOs, it might take you weeks to get in contact with fifty of them. Talk about high efficiency and enormous payoff! Not many marketing ideas will allow financial advisors to get into a room of pre-qualified prospects quite like this one. Check with whoever booked you to speak and ask if you can use an evaluation form. If they seem hesitant, explain that you want to become the best speaker you can possibly be and that you would greatly appreciate it.

On the form, you get their name, number, address, and the best time to call.

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All very important information to keep in your CRM! Sure beats cold calling, huh? Do what you can to get a crowd of your ideal prospects in the same room at the same time. You work to make money, right? Yeah, you might love what you do and all that cool stuff, but you need to pay the bills.

In financial advising, you have the incredible ability to control your income. Please do not take this for granted! Out of those ten appointments, three people become clients. Figure out how many calls it takes you to make an appointment.

29 Effective Examples of Public Relations Campaigns and Tactics to Inspire Your Strategy

Then figure out how many appointments it takes to get one client. You should know approximately how much you make per client. From there, you can figure out exactly how much you make per phone call. Do you want to make an extra hundred bucks?

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Pick up the phone. This is an incredibly motivating thought to hold in your mind. You need to keep track of these three things: The number of calls you make.


The number of completed calls, aka how many people pick up the phone and speak with you. The number of appointments you set. When you're implementing these financial advisor marketing ideas, knowing your numbers can keep you from getting discouraged along the way. Knowing your numbers also makes setting goals the most important tip a breeze. Figure out for yourself what numbers you want to make. Find out how many appointments you have to set every week in order to make the total number of sales every month.

Once you have the numbers, the rest becomes basic math. I found that it was a lot easier for me to picture my prospect list like a big deck of cards. I knew that if I kept plugging away, I would eventually get the Kings. This kept me from getting discouraged when I kept drawing twos and threes. The difference between success and failure is often razor-thin.