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Strike Force - War on Terror. Share this? Summary: Strike Force - War on Terror is a action oriented tactical shooter.

Terror Strikes

Where you are a member of the Strike Force Unit. Your objective is to battle terrorism around the world! Nothing stands in your way. From vast outdoor environments to narrow bunker corridors, you are deployed to take out Strike Force - War on Terror is a action oriented tactical shooter. From vast outdoor environments to narrow bunker corridors, you are deployed to take out targets in the middle east and snowy mountains. Gear up with a modern arsenal of machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and pistols and fulfill your objective.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This verse is one of the major verses that speak of Jihad as the right of self-defence, not the right to attack. The verse itself was revealed after the battle of Badr, when Muslims were not prepared, so that they would prepare themselves in case they were attacked. The verse, contrary to what may be understood from some English translations, does not speak of inflicting any harm on the enemy, but of preparing arms to prevent the enemy from attacking Muslims.

It is clear, as emphasised by the top exegetists commentators on the Holy Quran , that the means are not fighting or using arms, but preparing them.

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The Quran is impeccable in its chosen words. Muslims can achieve this by acquiring the best arms without using them. This is what is known today as the principle of deterrence. The Oxford English Dictionary , 2nd edn However, the issue in Arabic is different. There no barrier to coining new terms in Arabic, or to giving new meanings to already known words.

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Therefore, the Holy Quran absolutely cannot be interpreted according to the modern meanings and usages of its words—simply because it is not a modern text. The verse does not in any way order or sanction attacks against non-Muslims, not even enemies, let alone allies. It talks about preventive measures, not actions of terror. The error in the translation of this verse is also found in some other languages. The list is a long one to the point that I feel a new translation is needed. It is not about the style or the vocabulary, but about the subtleties of the Arabic language of which the Quran is the most eloquent text.

It remains to be repeated and emphasised that this verse does not speak to individuals.

Therefore, Muslims as individuals are not being addressed here. Jihad, in its best forms, is the obligation of the State. That is established now by the military service system in the national armies of Muslim countries.

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Jihad is not the obligation of individuals.