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Frankie Lou remains in her childhood home, alone, after the death of her parents. Meet Mickey — charming, funny, compassionate, and autistic. From the double-blow of a subsequent epilepsy diagnosis, to bullying and Bar Mitzvahs, Mickey's struggles and triumphs along the road to adulthood are honestly detailed to show how one family learned to grow and thrive with autism. She was a beautiful doelike child, with an intense, graceful fragility.

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In her first year, she picked up words, smiled and laughed, and learned to walk. But then Anne-Marie began to turn inward.

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And when her little girl lost some of the words she had acquired, cried inconsolably, and showed no interest in anyone around her, Catherine Maurice took her to doctors who gave her a devastating diagnosis: autism. In their desperate struggle to save their daughter, the Maurice family plunged into a medical nightmare of false hopes, "miracle cures," and infuriating suggestions that Anne-Marie's autism was somehow their fault.

Finally, Anne-Marie was saved by an intensive behavioral therapy. Let Me Hear Your Voice is a mother's illuminating account of how one family triumphed over autism. It is an absolutely unforgettable book, as beautifully written as it is informative. Imagine being trapped inside a Disney movie and having to learn about life, language, and emotion mostly from animated characters dancing across a screen of color. A fantasy? A nightmare? Just shy of his third birthday, a seemingly typical, chatty child became mute. His only solace: the Disney animated movies he loved before the autism struck.

So he memorized them, dozens of them, based on sound alone. What follows are a series of startling breakthroughs, as, for years, the family began to communicate with their lost son in movie dialogue. But was he understanding? The creator of worlds. Parenting a child with Asperger syndrome is never easy, and adding ADHD to the psychological mix makes life even more difficult.

In this searingly honest account of bringing up her son, Luke, Jan Greenman challenges many common perceptions of a 'life with labels'. Writing frankly about the medical issues of Luke's early years, Jan recalls how Luke's diagnoses came about, and how life at The Edge, their aptly named family home, changed as a result. She describes the causes and effects of the behaviours associated with Luke's conditions, and the impact they had on each family member, including his younger sister, Abbi.

The book includes tips and advice from Jan, Abbi, and Luke himself, and the final chapters go beyond Luke's early years to look at his life as a teenager — his solo trip to Dubai, and subsequent encounter with customs, his expulsion from school, and the inspirational Headteacher who helped him to turn his life around.

Compiled by R. This book will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone! If you know and love a child with autism, you will nod and smile as you read these all-too-familiar anecdotes — the unorthodox adherence to a rule, the social faux pas at the dinner table, the untimely but poignant outburst in the classroom, and many more! A collection of uplifting, humorous stories from parents and educators all over the world, this book soulfully communicates the unique qualities that individuals with autism bring to our lives — steadfast determination, unfailing honesty, selfless kindness, seemingly ageless wisdom-and reminds the rest of us that we have a lot to learn!

That understanding transformed the way Robison saw himself—and the world.

He also provides a fascinating reverse angle on the younger brother he left at the mercy of their nutty parents — the boy who would later change his name to Augusten Burroughs and write the bestselling memoir Running With Scissors. When Joanne Sinclair's son Andrew was young, he displayed numerous deficits and difficulties including issues with respect to motor development and neurodevelopment, his visual and auditory functions and muscle tone.

Although he demonstrated in many ways that he was highly intelligent, his ability to learn was severely impacted and he was not expected to continue to learn within a regular classroom beyond grade four. In spite of having an excellent vocabulary, his expressive output and social skills were significantly affected. This is the story of the challenges to understand what had caused this bleak scenario and, more importantly, what could be done to improve his ability to function and thereby alter his prognosis.

Dylan Emmons tells the story of his childhood on the autism spectrum — a childhood filled with daily social and sensory challenges. Revealing his attempts to be a social chameleon and blend in with his neurotypical peers, this memoir brings his experiences alive and offers helpful insights into the actions and feelings of children on the spectrum.

One morning, Jenny McCarthy was having a cup of coffee when she sensed something was wrong. In that moment, Jenny went from being the mother of an average toddler to being in the midst of a medical odyssey. Doctor after doctor misdiagnosed Evan until — after many harrowing, life-threatening episodes later — one amazing doctor discovered that Evan is autistic.

In this insightful narrative, a courageous and inspiring mother explains why a diagnosis of autism doesn't have to shatter a family's dreams of happiness.

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Senator offers the hard-won, in-the-trenches wisdom of someone who's been there and is still there today — and she demonstrates how families can find courage, contentment, and connection in the shadow of autism. In Making Peace with Autism , Susan Senator describes her own journey raising a child with a severe autism spectrum disorder, along with two other typically developing boys.

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Without offering a miracle treatment or cure, Senator offers valuable strategies for coping successfully with the daily struggles of life with an autistic child. Along the way she models the combination of stamina and courage, openness and humor that has helped her family to survive — and even to thrive. Giving a father's insight into life with his daughter Maria, aged 12, who has autism, this comic tells the story of their week holiday in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Delightful illustrations and dialogue between father and daughter show the day-to-day challenges that people with autism and their carers face, and how Miguel and Maria overcome them. Funny and endearing, this graphic storybook helps to show how Maria sees and experiences the world in her own way and that she's unique, just like everyone else. When Mikey is young, the Sullivans are a closely knit unit, all of them devoted to caring for her. But as Mikey grows older, she also grows increasingly violent.

By the time she's twelve, institutionalization is the only available option — and without the shared purpose of caring for Mikey, the family begins to unravel. As her family falls apart, Teresa searches for relief and connection during a time of sweeping cultural change. Lacking maturity or guidance, she makes choices that lead her down a sometimes-perilous path. But regardless of the circumstances at home and the tumult in their individual lives, the Sullivans are united in their love and concern for Mikey. In Mikey and Me , Teresa interweaves her exceptional sister's journey with her own, affirming the grace and brutality of Mikey's life, and its indelible effect on her family.

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Unflinching and insightful, this is a deep exploration of the relationship between two sisters — one blind, with profound developmental disabilities, unable to voice her own story, and the other with the heart and understanding to express it exquisitely for her. These are not the words usually associated with an autistic child. Miracle Run is the poignant memoir of a single mother raising four children — two of whom have autism.

Andreas Souvaliotis was raised at a time when being on the autism spectrum wasn't easily diagnosed or even discussed. Minds like his were simply considered odd. He also knew from an early age he was gay, and it terrified him as he was growing up with openly homophobic parents in one of Europe's least tolerant societies. Andreas's differences made him an outsider, right through to his mid-forties.

And then suddenly, everything changed. MISFIT is the extraordinary memoir of a man who realized there was strength in his strangeness, that it could be used as a force for good. On a beautiful spring morning in , sitting in my backyard and licking my wounds from a spectacular career derailment, I came up with a big idea — and I found myself contemplating the most daring and unconventional pursuit of my life.

Andreas Souvaliotis's inspiring story shows us that everyone has what it takes to trigger positive change, and that none of us should see our differences and quirks as handicaps. From childhood, Laura James knew she was different. She struggled to cope in a world that often made no sense to her, as though her brain had its own operating system. With a touching and searing honesty, Laura challenges everything we think we know about what it means to be autistic. Married with four children and a successful journalist, Laura examines the ways in which autism has shaped her career, her approach to motherhood, and her closest relationships.

As Laura grapples with defining her own identity, she also looks at the unique benefits neurodiversity can bring.

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Diagnosed with Pathological Demand Avoidance PDA in his teenage years, Harry Thompson looks back with wit and humour at the ups and downs of family and romantic relationships, school, work and mental health, as well as his teenage struggle with drugs and alcohol. By embracing neurodiversity and emphasising that autistic people are not flawed human beings, Thompson demonstrates that some merely need to take the "scenic route" in order to flourish and reach their full potential.

The memoir brings to life Harry's past experiences and feelings, from his torrid time at school to the peaceful and meaningful moments when he is alone with a book, writing or creating YouTube videos. Eloquent and insightful, The PDA Paradox will bring readers to shock, laughter and tears through its overwhelming honesty. It is a turbulent memoir, but it ends with hope and a positive outlook to the future.